The famous Konica C35 EF

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The famous Konica C35 EF

Post by Niner » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:14 pm

"The sun never sets on a Konica C35 EF". It was the first compact camera with a built in automatic flash. Time frame 1975. No flash cubes, bulbs or add on flash. Flash worked on two penlight batteries. The exposure meter worked on a mercury button cell battery. There were four focus brackets... in feet... 3.5, 5-7, 15, and infinity. 1/60, 1/125, and on the second model, like the one I got, a third shutter speed of 1/250. You pick the distance and the camera picks the shutter speed and aperture. The light meter shows as a needle in the viewfinder and you can see by ikon which distance bracket you have it set to and what looks to be a camera picked aperture shown by needle on the opposite side of the view window.

The most notable thing about this camera,from a collector point of view, and besides the new built in flash, was that when it was introduced it was a favorite of Andy Warhol the avant-guard artist who gave us big paintings of Cambell Soup cans. He is reported to have had three of them and took them everywhere. Just saw a mention that 130,000 of his negatives that have never been seen before will be available to people interested. ... ica-c35-ef

Got my latest for $10 plus shipping. Surprisingly everything worked .....and whoever sold it to me had fresh batteries in it. It even came with a never ready case.

I tried it out this afternoon. It seems to work just fine for what it is. I like the fill flash and the indications in the viewfinder for range group I set and the aperture approximation the camera seems to set. One thing I couldn't figure was.... that although the flash could be turned on and off the light meter couldn't. The online manual only suggests that you should change that battery once a year. I would seem that if you could cap the lens it would last a lot longer. And... since I have a lot of lens caps it wasn't hard to appropriate one.

If you have read about my photo adventures I know you have seen these same subjects I offer as examples before. I like to compare one camera's results with another on the same subjects.
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