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We do not live by milsurps alone. Photography and other hobbies as well as the mention of other collections would fit in this forum.

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The Ansco Craftsman

Post by Niner » Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:40 pm

The 1950 kit box camera. Boy Scout magazine advertised them as $3.50 and you could construct it yourself. A simple box camera that made eight 6x9mm negatives on 120 film. Simple lens. Shutter of one speed...depending on how strong the spring was....about 1/30. The Aperture is reported to be about a F14. A direct knock off of the vintage Kodak box camera. Couldn't resist the impulse. Came today and I rushed out and shot eight times and got eight images.

There was a little light leak somewhere... think that was when I was retrieving the film possibly. Only a couple of the last shots had a little light smudge.

Considering the slow shutter, the simple lens, and the box with little to help steady it, the photos came out with more clarity than I'd have thought. The one with the goose was made with the camera resting on a hand rail. There are two view mirrors horizontal and the other vertical, neither very good in shade and totally worthless in the sun. The lens is focused at about 6 ft to infinity and pretty sharp all things considered. The shutter is in front of the lens as you see in the photo.
back open.jpg
define mirror.jpg
holder front.jpg
holder side.jpg
example two.jpg
Example one.jpg
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