Minolta Maxxum 5000i

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Minolta Maxxum 5000i

Post by Niner » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:37 pm

I've had this one a while but never got around to shooting it. There is a better, and much more popular, Minolta 5000 without the "i" for "intelligent" and I have one of them I've never got around to shooting either. I was always getting a camera that I was more fascinated with and this one sat on the shelf for...actually.....a couple of years. I think I bought it more for the lens that came with it. In any case it was a slightly higher model than bottom of the line as Minolta cameras were in 1989 and was around new for about four years. It did two sample auto focus pretty well although not all that quick and not all that foolproof.. It did have a program mode or you could do aperture or shutter priority... after a fashion with arrows on top of the camera. You had to push a button on side of the lens to change the arrows from aperture priority to Shutter priority....or was that the other way around? No matter.

One thing it did have, oddly done, a connection inside of a side compartment where you could hit the timer button or shift from P to Manual. And then there was this other thing inside that compartment. You could buy cards like digital camera SD cards that had either of two programs. One was for "action" shots and allowed for predicted auto focus besides higher shutter speeds. The other was a Portrait card. Both cost extra and you can find them on ebay for crazy prices like $25 each. One or the other could be hooked up inside the compartment. Shortly after this such programs were standard features built into just about all cameras ...without having to buy additional cards.

The Camera has a built in flash and you can add another. But..unlike later better models the flash doesn't pop up but remains close to the body.

One problem I had was the contact for the shutter release must have been tarnished or something and I had to push the button more than once most of the time to get the camera to fire.

It's going back on the shelf. However, it will take a decent photo. The film I was using was ASA 400 Kentmere for the first time. Seems a bit grainy.
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