Pentax ZX-M

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Pentax ZX-M

Post by Niner » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:57 pm

One of those cameras that aren't cool and you can pick up cheap. Less than $20 including shipping charge guaranteed to be working from a respectable company. It's a Pentax ZX-M from 1997 and sold as a "student" camera. It's mostly plastic, including the lens mount. The focus is manual but it does have the priority modes and P as well as manual and several other exposure manipulating features. The light meter gives you information in the view window of what isn't a pentaprism view but a "pentamirror". The camera is very light and easy to carry around. All reviews will tell you this. The most expensive part of this camera is having to buy a couple of CR2 batteries.

Today I decided to try it with some add on tools. I added a light ring I got for a gift some time ago and photographed some knickknacks with it using a screw in Rolev closeup +2 on a 35-80 Pentax lens. The camera meter seems to work with the light of the ring on. The manual focus was a little questionable with my not great eyesight. But it will take photos.
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