Canon Rebel 2000

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Canon Rebel 2000

Post by Niner » Sat Jul 09, 2022 2:46 pm

The Canon Rebel series was all about the mass market. The mass market was where the money was in cameras like most everything else and Canon was also fighting all the other big camera makers for market share. The way it was done was to add more surprise and delight and more easy to use real features as the competition moved from one year to the next. The Rebel 2000, coming after the Rebel G in 1999, added a depth of field button and a switch to rewind the film before the end of the roll as well as having a little faster multi frame rate of speed. It has 7 point focus instead of 3 and a 35 point evaluation zone in the auto focus as well as all the auto programs current at the time. It was manual friendly and gave you all the information you needed to know to take decent pictures if you wanted full manual control. It has as well a built in pop up metered through the lens flash that did the fill flash thinking for you. You could turn the flash off if outside of the full auto mode setting.

I got the bare camera for $6 in working order. The seller was aware of the sticky plastic grip and that was no negative to me since I knew how to clean it. I've got a collection of lenses that would fit.

Loaded up some Arista edu 100 and went for an adventure. Stopped at Magnolia Cemetery and Washington Square. Developed in D76 off brand chemicals.
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