One of those windfall film camera days recently

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One of those windfall film camera days recently

Post by Niner » Sun Aug 07, 2022 7:24 pm

I saw this ebay offer not long ago. Open bid. Four cameras, two tripods, extra Minolta screw mount lens with hard case, light meter, auxiliary dedicated flashes, two photo equipment carrying cases. I bid $15 and won. A big box came day before yesterday. The seller offered to refund part of the $26 shipping because it cost her less than that. I don't see how it cost less, but whatever, I told her to keep the difference. Two of the cameras worked perfectly and one , Minolta 201 with 1.7 lens, worked ok but meter problem.

In any case, took the MInolta Maxxum 7000i , one of them, out for a run. I've got one of those that performed perfectly that I've posted about here before, and this one does too. The golden age of film camera collecting is here ...some of the time you get a windfall.
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