Turk Mauser of intermediate length

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Turk Mauser of intermediate length

Post by Niner » Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:46 am

Most Turk Mausers you see are of the full battle length and 8mm Mauser caliber. That is... longer than the Enfield , Garand, the K98k Mauser. But there must have been more than a few that never made it to the US. I happened to get one in 8mm Mauser that had been sporterized by some wholesale importer twenty years ago and sold through AIM. It came with rings for mounting a scope and it was already drilled and tapped. The seller apparently used original stock pieces that had been refinished. That made them technically still C&R as sold by AIM. And that was a debatable question that made the rounds of the messageboards at the time. The biggest thing about these rifles was, considering the rings and being ready drilled and ready to go by just adding a scope it looked like a good poor man's hunting rifle. The price was a modest $89 delivered to your door. That was at a time when you could sometimes get a mixmaster totally scrubbed of marks K98k for as low as $100 as is. The German K98k was probably the preferred Bubba hunting rifle of the 8mm sort.

One thing about the Turk is that it was very much a mirror image of the German version, including dimensions of length and mechanical configuration.
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