Albums you remember

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Albums you remember

Post by Niner » Sun Jan 22, 2023 12:59 pm

I was in Vietnam in 1970...all of it. I was attached to an infantry company as one thing and the other of a Forward Observer team responsible for directing artillery. I was at a battalion sized base camp south of Saigon in the upper delta and I got a tape from home of Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline. It was at a time that Dylan was exploring his "country" path. I played it on a smallish cassette tape recorder/player. The mood of the songs hit the right cord for some reason. One of the company lieutenants heard me playing it for probably the 10th time and asked to borrow it. Later that night I heard it blaring out in the officers club. The whole basecamp heard it whether they wanted to or not. By the way, the NCO/em club had been closed for hours. Somehow enlisted only had two hours to get marginally drunk while the officers had several hours more.

Lay Lady Lay was perhaps the one that struck the deepest cord.
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