The Makarov from 1951 compared to the CZ 82 from 1997

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The Makarov from 1951 compared to the CZ 82 from 1997

Post by Niner » Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:34 am

The Makarov pistol was created back in 1951 to fire the then new 9mm mak round. The original design used down to today in various military or government agencies was a single stack 8 round automatic. It was simple and easy to shoot and maintain. However over the years various modifications were developed and experimented with for service use. One of those modified new productions was the Czech CZ 82 in 1997. Here's my off the top of my head observations of differences.

There are a few in your face differences with the CZ 82. One thing that stands out is the grip is wider to accommodate a 12 round staggered column magazine instead of a 8 round stack magazine of the Mak. But the grip is not only wider but there are thumb channels on both sides to make it a comfortable and arguably better either hand design. Another thing of note is that the safety is duplicated on either side and are straight up for safe and down for firing. Another consideration for left handed or right handed shooters. The Makarov had the conventional one side swing safety, although the same up for safe and down for fire.

There are a few other things changed. The magazine release is a button, on both sides of the grip, in back of the trigger guard on the CZ instead of the base of the pistol grip release. Another aid to the shooter is that there is a white light reflecting coating on the back side of the front sight blade. The hammer on the CZ is no longer a thumb wheel but a spur.

One thing on the CZ that is not duplicated on both sides is the slide lock. It's only on the thumb side for the right handed shooter.

Some of the photos I'll attach will be with the Bulgarian Mak for comparison.

There were a boat load of CZ 82's landed in the US about 15 years ago when I got mine. However, my CZ 82 doesn't fire as reliably as my MAK pistols. It doesn't like some ammo and jams accordingly. In any case, looks like the CZ 82 went out of production in 2001.
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