Are specialized pants accouterments?

Things a soldier would carry other than firearms, ammo, or uniforms. Meaning equipment such as ammo pouches, bayonets, holsters, oil cans, cleaning equipment, etc.

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Re: Are specialized pants accouterments?

Post by Niner » Fri Oct 14, 2022 8:06 pm

Here's another thought trying to relate the British system and the US. In the Civil War various regiments were created by individuals in various states both sides of the conflict with permission of state governors. A local person of status would raise a local regiment and often became it's commander. They were mostly called as such and such number regiment of their 1st New York. In the South about all of the regiments were state regiments. Many Northern regiments were State regiments as opposed to US regular Army regiments. By your explanation the standing regular army regiments would be pretty much like what your are calling Royal regiments. The state regiments were not part of the standing army so.... maybe... equivalent to your Yorkshire regiment that wasn't Royal. Or maybe this conjecture is not right at all.
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Re: Are specialized pants accouterments?

Post by Niner Delta » Sat Oct 15, 2022 8:50 pm

My great-grandfather was in one of those Confederate state units, although it was called a legion.
He was in Hampton's Legion from South Carolina, Hampton was a well to do planter that paid for it all.
My sister looked it all up and sent me copies of his pay records, he was my paternal grandmother's
father. Fought in many battles and ended up a POW.

Going back to those leather pants..... When riding a horse using a saddle you don't need the protection
on the inside of your leg. There is leather part of the saddle called a fender the goes down from the seat to the
stirrup that protects your leg. Riding a horse pulling guns there is very little protection from the
heavy duty harness attached to the side of the horse ..... in most cases.


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