EOIN, What doi you think?

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EOIN, What doi you think?

Post by DuncaninFrance » Sun Mar 03, 2024 1:47 pm


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Re: EOIN, What doi you think?

Post by Aughnanure » Mon Mar 04, 2024 12:05 pm

WA is a basket case, They have been picking on firearm owners for years.
The Australian Constitution guarantees free trade between the states and yet WA has blocked the postage of firearms, courier only.This makes trade very expensive which, of course, is the idea
When a couple of years ago an elderly man locked the door of his and his bedridden wife’s bedroom against home invaders, then told them that he was armed, the police initially charged him for firing through the door when the criminals attempted to break in.
He wounded one of them.
Public outcry caused a rethink and he wasn’t charged, but that gives an indication of the political climate.
Self Defence is not only a Right, it is an Obligation.

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