The US Navy's missing plan Black at the start of WWI

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The US Navy's missing plan Black at the start of WWI

Post by Niner » Sat May 08, 2021 12:05 am

Josephus Daniels was secretary of the Navy in 1917. In 1921 he was writing war history for newspapers. In one paper he disclosed that in 1917, when it looked like the US was going to get involved, he ordered a Navy board to devise a war plan for the Navy including how they were going to proceed in going to war. The plan was called the Black plan.

Once the black plan with all sorts of plans for escorting ships and protecting them from submarines and all sorts of very top secret stuff. No copies were held by the brain storming committee. One copy was given to Daniels and he gave that copy to the Chief of Navel affairs to start issuing orders. Then sometime later the plan was discovered missing. At first some were speculating on German spies. Then they gave that idea up but were lost on where it could be. At the time of the story in 1921 it was still lost.

Daniels ended his story with his speculation. ... d-1/seq-3/
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