Milsurp After Hours

Chat will be held here every Sunday at 2:00 PM CST and 8:00 PM GMT.




This site was created primarily for the discussion of military surplus firearms, although it now includes other topics as well.

You will note we have neither sponsors nor a “buy and sell” forum.  Problems with other sites, or posts of outrage as a result of any buy or sell transaction, will not be allowed.  If you want to sell something or start a group buy, this is not the board for it.

This site does not have a political point of view to offer or protect.  We are here to meet as strangers from all over the world drawn by an interest in military surplus firearms.

  • Pictures that are posted too large will be resized by the moderator rather than be deleted.
  • Off topics, although not encouraged, will get less heat here than on some other boards. 
  • Posts of any sort that are judged to be offensive or flame provoking will be removed.  Particularly strong objection will be made to posts directed against any individual private person.  It matters not if the person attacked is a member of this site or not.
  • No negative comment may be posted about any other site for any reason.
  • Everyone is expected to remain civil, even if in strong disagreement with someone else.
  • No overt sell or trade posts of any kind are permitted unless specifically allowed in advance by an administrator.
  • Administrator and moderator judgments will be considered final in all situations.

This site does not endorse any statement of fact, opinion, or advice found here.  All readers must decide for themselves what value they give to any information they obtain here.

Any comments or questions about this site can be submitted here.